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You Must Know

The Blessed and Noble Prophet Muhammad

(May Allah send peace and blessings upon him)!


You may belong to any race, nationality, sex, age or profession, yet you must know him.


He is the Last in the chain of Divine Messengers of God (ALLAH)


He gave to mankind the universal message of love and respect for all Divine Messengers.


He could not read, write or even sign his name, yet he gave to mankind the most unique gift-the Quran; a complete guidance for human life and a living miracle across all spaces and times.


Each and every human book including the Old and the New Testament has been revised countless times. Fourteen centuries have gone by and no one could find a need to revise the Quran given by this unlettered man.


He was born an orphan, lived a very modest life, never had much worldly means, yet by the power of his character and conduct he changed the face of earth and the history of mankind.


He lived such a pure and transparent life that even his harshest critics could not yet find a spot of his character and conduct.


He was the living embodiment of the Final Divine Revelation of God-the Quran.


You may see a glimpse of the life of this noble and blessed person in the following book.





The book was originally written by a learned scholar; Dr. Muhammad Abdul Hae (May Allah be pleased with him). This has now been translated into English and French and is being presented on computer.


Introduction and Contents


Part 1

Part 2A


Part 2B

Part 3A

Part 3B

Part 3C

Part 4 Chapter 1A


Part 4 Chapter 1B


Part 4 Chapter 2A


Part 4 Chapter 2B


Part 4 Chapter 2C


Part 4 Chapter 2D


Part 4 Chapter 2E


Part 4 Chapter 2F


Part 4 Chapter 2G


Part 4 Chapter 2H


Part 4 Chapter 2i

Part 4 Chapter 2J

Part 4 Chapter 3A


Part 4 Chapter 3B


Part 4 Chapter 4A


Part 4 Chapter 4B


Part 4 Chapter 5


Part 4 Chapter 6


Part 4 Chapter 7


Part 4 Chapter 8

*SAW: Sallallahu `alaihi wasallam, salutation for Prophet Muhammad (Rasulullah)