Etiquette for handling the Holy Qur’an


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  1. Before reading say “I seek refuge in ALLAH (God) from Satan the rejected”.

  2. Before reading say “In The Name of ALLAH The Most Gracious Most Merciful”.

  3. Before reading, be physically clean, also shower or bathe after marital relations.

  4. Ask ALLAH (God) to guide you to the truth.

  5. Read to gain understanding.

  6. Keep the Qur`an out of the toilet/bathroom.

  7. Keep the Qur`an off the floor and away from unclean places.

  8. Keep the Qur`an away from small children i.e. as a toy.

  9. Ask question of the Muslims who understand the Qur`an or who themselves can ask those who understand the meaning of the Qur`an.

  10. If you don’t need your copy please return to nearby Islamic center (do not throw in garbage or recycle).

Click Here for printing 6-sheets PDF page