Why do Muslims say Allah?

 “Allah” is the word Almighty God uses to describe Himself in the Quran, the Holy Scripture for Muslims.  Allah is the Creator and Sustainer of the universe, the only one who is to be worshipped. 

What do Muslims believe about Allah? 

The belief of the deity of Islam is pure, pristine and simple monotheism.  Allah is the only God worthy to be worshipped.   Islam offers the monotheistic concept of Almighty God to be absolute, perfect, without any deficiencies, without any partners and without comparing Allah to anything that he has created. 

Islam teaches Muslims to have unwavering faith in the belief, in exactly what Allah has described Himself in the Qur'an and whatever His Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) has described Allah to be, no more and no less.

Muslims must believe totally in all the names, attributes and characteristics of Allah. One cannot believe in some of them and yet disbelieve in others.  Also, one cannot accept the names of Allah without their associated attributes.   That is, one cannot say Allah is Al-Hye (the Living) and then turn around and say that He is without life.  Nor can he says that Allah is Al-Baseer (one who sees everything) and can say that He does not see.   

We know that Allah says that He has hands, but we do not imagine them to be compared in any way to the hands of human being.  Similarly, we cannot compare the speech of Allah to the speech of humans.  His attributes are not like human attributes despite the similarity in terms, labels or descriptions that are used in Islam to refer to Allah. 

Let us turn our attention to the understanding that Muslims hold regarding the nature of Allah

Islam teaches that Allah is the ultimate in His names, His attributes and His characteristics.   For example, He is the All Merciful, the All Loving, and All Just and so on. 

Allah is one, alone, worthy of all worship.  He has no partners or associates and there is none other worthy of worship anywhere in the entire universe. 

Allah is unique, incomparable; He is the only God, the Creator, the Evolver, and the Sustainer of all that exist, yet He is not created, nor is he sustained. 

He is Eternal, All Powerful, Absolutely Just, Totally Merciful, All Loving, All Compassionate, All Gracious and All Forgiving

Allah created the universe as a test for Adam and the children of Adam to see if they would worship Him alone without making partners or if they would deny Him and refuse to worship Him as He has decreed, or attempt to worship something other which He has created. 

He sent His messengers to the mankind to warn and guide the mankind to the right way and to the righteous actions.   Some of His messengers we called prophets, like Abraham and David and Suleiman, some He sent with books and writings such asMoses and Jesusthe son of Mary (peace be upon them all).   Finally He sent Muhammad (peace be upon him) as the last and final Messenger for all of mankind.   His book is the Holy Quran. It is the only authentic revealed book remaining in the world today that has been preserved without any change. 

Are there other religions that accept the name "Allah" for their deity? 

The fact is, the Arabic Bible uses the word "Allah" throughout the text.   

Islam depends heavily on the word Allah because Islam is the complete submission and obedience to Allah - the name Allah in Islam never refers to Muhammad (peace upon him) nor to anyone or anything else that Allah has created. 

Does Allah mean God? 

In fact, in consideration of what we have just discussed the perfect word to describe the one true God of Monotheism could only be Allah.